Easter-Island - Rapa Nui

Easter Island - Rapa Nui. Scientific Pathways to Secrets of the Past. Aus der Reihe Man and Environment, Band 1. Selbstverlag des Ökologiezentrums an der CAU Kiel.

Easter Island (Rapa Nui), a tiny spot in the middle of the huge Pacific Ocean and on of the most isolated inhabited places on Earth, continues to fascinate discoverers, travellers and researchers again and again. Not only do the great manlike fugures of stone hold many secrets, but also the history of the island's settlement by man. The prehistoric usage of land and ocean resources, the dramatic change of the landscape and, finally, the end of the once sustained and peaceful culture pose many interesting questions to all. The scientists Andres Mieth and Hans-Rudolf Bork are onto these mysteries. Their research has proved, that Easter Island was once covered with subtropical palm forest, but that these palms had been estinquished about 500 years ago after they were slashed and burned over centuries. Whereas the forest had given nourishment to the settlers and shelter to their carefully aranged gardens, the destruction of the palm trees lead to the erosion of fertile land, the loss of the sustained gardening culture and the devastation of settlements and holy sites. The thousand year old and very unique megalithic culture underwent a radical and dramatic change.

This book is not only aimed at giving experts a sound insight in the interrelation between ecology and culture of Easter Island. Moreover, this richly illustrated handbook escorts interested readers to a journey to Rapa Nui, ehether actual or imaginary.


Titel: Easter-Island - Rapa Nui

Autoren: MIETH, Andreas und BORK, Hans-Rudolf


Erscheinungsjahr: 2004

ISBN: -9809823-0-0

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